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Present & upcoming events

At the Salone del Mobile 2010, Royal Goedewaagen presented the new DSGN-collection: a combination of modern designs and traditional decoration techniques.

Art-director and designer Robert Bronwasser developed a collection of functional and decorative products in modern colour schemes with a sense of tradition.

In addition, 22+2 designers Joost Swarte, Margriet Foolen, Leonie Janssen, Christian Kocx, Basten Leijh, Ann Maes, Huibert van Muilwijk and Alexander Peli presented new decorative designs for RG’s TulipTile vase.

REFLECTIONS from Garth Roberts, Jacco Bregonje, Karim Rashid, Marko Macura & Ingeborg van Uden. Furniture objects designed in mirror in combination with other precious materials for Antique Mirror and light-features in collaboration with Metal Spot.

During the Salone del Mobile in Milan Droog presented 5135 items.

22+2 designer Roelof Mulder along with 13 other designers creatively re-interpretated 5135 items saved from liquidation sales and other leftovers, resulting in a new collection of 19 products, with outcomes ranging from folding chairs manicured by nail artists, to handkerchiefs that distribute selected daily news articles, to spoons with non-edible yet mouth-watering coatings.

22+2‘s Margriet Foolen collects awards and honours as if they were postage stamps. This year she presented her designs at Zuiver, across from SuperStudio Più.


As always the 22+2 designers were well-represented at the 2010 Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan.

Read below what Jacco Bregonje, Robert Bronwasser, Margriet Foolen, Leonie Janssen, Christian Kocx, Basten Leijh, Ann Maes, Huibert van Muilwijk, Roelof Mulder, Alexander Peli and Joost Swarte were showing at iSaloni.