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About 22+2 and the designers …       



Again, the 2011 Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan saw a number of 22+2 designers showing new designs and products.



The 160 Glass tubes that light up and respond to the viewer are inspired by behaviour from a flock of birds and the fascinating patterns they seem to make randomly in the air.

But actually this behaviour is not as accidental as it looks. Every bird has to keep a safe distance from their neighbour bird in front, below, above and next to it. They all want to fly in the middle of the group and no-one wants to be the leader flying in front. What will happen if an intruder interrupts? This is what the viewer will experience when approaching the Flylight.

Studio DRIFT converted this bird-behaviour into a digital DNA and translated it into understandable visualisations with light. Each light is controlled individually, but the behaviour is not programmed to a repeated pattern. Move after move the birds have to choose their way within the borders of the installation. Ultrasonic sensors (like bats) measure the distance between the viewer and installation, so the 'flock' will react different the closer you get to it, or when more people approach it at once. For us, the interesting part is the free will of the flock: does the group attack the viewers one by one, or will it split up and flee?


The latest addition to the PeLiDesign family: ‘A Machine’s Perception’ door handles. Alexander Pelikan created a series of cutting edge door handles by controlling both possibilities and shortcomings of

machines. The exploiting of errors in a 3D scan-file has led to the visualization of a scanners’s perception. With ‘A Machine’s Perception’ door handles, a flawed Virtual Reality became real and tangible.

Developed in partnership with: research laboratory TNO Eindhoven and Studio Ludens.

‘A Machine’s Perception’, new door handles by Alexander Peli of PeLiDesign

Studio DRIFT (Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta) presents FlyLight during Salone del Mobile 2011.